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Hello, I’m Mei-Li Nieuwland, also going by the alias 'Liea' online. I'm doing illustration and comics with a purpose.

My academic background is in artificial intelligence and cultural anthropology. What fascinates me is where technology, culture and the mind meet to shed a productive light on urgent topics such as privacy, the environment, overpopulation and work in the age of automation. Ultimately, my ambition is to inspire others with stories that are both "good to see and good to think".

I work with a mix of traditional and digital media, using hand-drawn textures and a Wacom tablet.

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• November - December 2017: Visual journalism on Lesbos, Greece. Together with comic artists Aimée de Jongh and Judith Vanistendael I visited one of the refugee camps on Lesbos, Greece, and creatied a comic about my experiences. The results were published by Dutch and Belgian newspapers NRC and De Standaard.

• January 2018: "One day in Kara Tepe", English version. I'm translating my comic report from Lesbos to English, to be published on the graphic journalism platform Drawing The Times.

• February 2018: New York City. I will be checking out the illustration scene and doing a bit of sightseeing.

• March 2018: Publication of the "Invisible Illness Anthology", a zine on mental illness. This first edition's theme will be Anxiety

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If you see an opportunity for collaboration, or if you have any questions about my work, I'd love to chat! You can shoot me an email at the address below.

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